Cap 8 Well Represented

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The Cap 8 Conference had a sucessful day at the Regional tournament taking 18 wrestlers to the State Tournament in Greensboro Thursday.  Wrestlers in the Conference that Qualified are:

Mitch Goldbach(Wake Forest-Rolesville), Soph.-103(1st)

Chris Kimmerly(Leesville), Soph.-103(4th)

Donald Cotton(Wake Forest-Rolesville), Senior-112(3rd)

Mick Piombino(Wakefield), Junior-112(4th)

Josh Will(Wake Forest-Rolesville), Senior-130(2nd)

Brandon Harris(Millbrook), Junior-130(4th)

Blane McElreath(Sanderson), Junior-135(3rd)

Winston Norton(Millbrook), Senior-135(4th)

David Caldwell(Wake Forest-Rolesville), Senior-140(1st)

Ian Clark(Sanderson), Junior-140(4th)

Lamaine Camara(Millbrook), Senior-145(1st)

Bobby Griffin(Leesville), Senior-152(1st)

Daymon Hughes(Millbrook), Senior-152(4th)

Eric White(Wakefield), Senior-160(1st)

Tyree Linen(Sanderson), Senior-160(2nd)

Philip Price(Sanderson), Senior-189(2nd)

Lewis Crumsey(Millbrook), Junior-215(3rd)

Aaron Jefferson(Broughton), Junior-285(3rd)

Congrats to all of the Cap 8 wrestlers in the State tournament.


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