CAP 8 State Update

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The CAP 8 conference took 18 wrestlers to the “Big Dance” in 2011 and only a third of that remains.  Rankings at this time of year are irrelevant because the CAP 8 had many “top ranked” wrestler who either lost one of their first two matches or have already been knocked out.  Wresters still in the tournament are:

(103) Mitch Goldbach-10:Championship Semifinals

(135) Blane McElreath-11:Consolation Semifinals

(145) Lamaine Camara-12:Consolation Semifinals

(152) Bobby Griffin-12:Championship Semifinals

(160) Eric White-12:Championship Semifinals

(189) Philip Price-12:Consolation Semifinals

Goodluck to the remaining CAP 8 wrestlers still in the tournament and a farewell to the seniors that wrestled their last high school match:

(112) Donald Cotton III: 40-10

(130) Josh Will: 38-5

(135) Winston Norton: 36-13

(140) David Caldwell: 41-8

(152) Daymon Hughes: 34-17

(160) Tyree Linen: 44-9

Congratulations to everything you have accomplished and learned through wrestling.  Making it to the state tournament is not something everyone does and it is phenominal that the seniors here had qualified.


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