Sanderson Junior Varsity Goes Undefeated

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On Tuesday night the Sanderson wrestling team hosted junior varsity  conference quads.  The four teams that attended were Sanderson, Wakefield, Heritage and Wake Forest-Rolesville.  The Spartans won all three matches against Wakefield(45-27), Heritage(42-30), and Wake Forest-Rolesville(73-0).  Individual winners were Adam Alhorani, Lamont Burt, Elliot Davis, Patrick Williams, Ryan Barclay, Matthew Chemelewski, Dillon Dobbs, Bashir Jabbour, Chris Beller, Robert Marbrey, Antwuan Elliot, Mitchel Schneider, Nathan Viverette, Patrick McComas, Jim Sterling, Terry Davis, Ramzy Ruiz, Tyref Smith, Ana Bustos, Niko Barefield, and Joshua McCleary.  The Varsity wrestlers face the Southeast Raleigh Bulldogs November 30th.  Both teams will wrestle at Green Hope High school December 3rd for the Green Hope Invitational.