Spartans Take Hope Away @ Green Hope

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The Sanderson wrestling team came home with the championship trophy at the Green Hope tournament Saturday (14 teams competed), scoring an amazing 227 points and placing nearly every starter on the team. Individual place-winners included Adam DeRose at 1st, Pete Maierhofer at 3rd, Bradley Tharrington at 3rd, Marshall Bass at 2nd, Blane McElreath at 1st, Ian Clark at 1st, Huntley Hughes at 1st, Johnny Gomez at 2nd, Marvin Vazquez at 2nd, CJ Grannan at 3rd, Law H’Too at 3rd, and Pablo Guido at 4th. Individual JV winners for the Spartan wrestlers included Adam Al Horani, Amy Galan, Patrick McComas, Lamont Burt, Chris Beller, Ryan Franz, Elliot Davis, Jake Keehn, Nile Prillyanti, Tristian Maloney, Justyn Maloney, Patrick Williams, Ali Al Kurazi, Ryan Barclay, Ryan Rodriguez, Matt Chemelewski, Bashir Jabbour, Saul Moya Castillo, Terry Davis, Said Alhorani, Tyref Smith, Robert “Bo” Marbrey, Evan Angrella, Josh McClearly, Matt Norby, Suriel Lopez, Mitch Hackney, Mitchell Schneider, Antwaun Elliot, Ramzy Ruiz, and Nathan Viverette.