Cap 8 State Update

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The Cap 8 Conference went into the 4A state tournament with 17 wrestlers and now only 6 remain.  Four of the six are wrestling in the Consolation third round or will be wrestling in the consolation semifinals.   Two of the six are in the state finals in the chase for the coveted state championship.  Wrestlers in the consolation are as follows:

113: Mitchel Goldbach(Wake Forest Rolesville)

152: Ian Clark(Sanderson)

220: Lewis Crumsey(Millbrook)

285: Aaron Jefferson(Broughton)


Wrestlers in the State Finals for the first time are:

145: Brandon Harris(45-5)

285: Devan Caldwell(33-3)

State Finals start tomorrow @ 5pm.  Harris will face defending state champion Joey Moon.  Caldwell will face Parkland heavyweight Christopher Walker.