Holly Springs Defeat Streaking Spartans

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Holly Springs High school defeated the undefeated Spartans 40-18 December 19th in dominating fashion only allowing Sanderson to win five out of fourteen matches.  The individual winners were Adam DeRose, Jonny Gomez, Sebastian Murray, Antwuan Elliot and Chris Grannan.  The Spartans also faced host Athens Drive at the tri-event and won 75-0.  Individual winners were Adam Alhorani, Adam DeRose, Miguel Royal, Pete Maierhofer, Alonzo Adams, Lamont Burt, David Losada, Jonny Gomez, Ryan Franz, Matt Norby, Chris Grannan, Antwuan Elliot, Sebastian Murray and Eddy Castillo.  Sanderson wrestles December 21st and 22nd at the annual Sgt. Mark Adams Invitational.