McCoy: Why I Coach

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Why I Coach

 “Someday, life will get tough for you.  You’ll be two months late on your house payment, your car will quit, you won’t have a job, your wife tells you she loves someone else.  That’s when you’ll find out what you’re made of.  What are you going to do then? Quit? That’s when you’ll learn what I’m trying to do.” – Paul “Bear” Bryant

 I’ve always used this quote to answer the question of Why do I coach?  My hope has always been that I can pass on to my athletes some of the knowledge I’ve learned from life lessons.  I hope my kids learn that:

 A season mirrors the trials of real life.  As a person/athlete the journey for the fulfillment of your hopes and dreams begins from within.

There is a great lesson found in Hebrew 11:1 “Faith is to be sure of the things we hope for and to be certain of the things we cannot see.”  Be they good times or bad times you can never stop believing. 

To have others listen to you, speak by embodying; courage, pride, and intelligence.

Embrace respect and honor through; sacrifice, endurance, and determination.

Never be arrogant, always be modest, and always be humble.

Never take more than what’s needed; but, always give more than what’s asked.

So why do I coach?  To teach young people that through hard work they will exceed their own expectations while overcoming other people’s assumptions allowing them to capture their aspirations.