Here is information concerning Sanderson’s athletic program as well as wake county eligibility info and forms.  Here is a link to the Sanderson athletic website:


A completed ATHLETIC FORMS packet must be on file for each and every student who wishes to work out, try out, practice, or compete for a team affiliated with the Sanderson Athletic Program. An up-to-date packet must be on file for all activities – during the school year, in season, out of season, and during the summer.

The medical exam form is valid for exactly 365 days beginning on the date it was signed by a doctor.

The Sanderson ATHLETIC FORMS packet consists of SEVEN pages; five pages used by all high schools within Wake County plus two additional pages required at Sanderson.

High School Athletic Participation Forms For Sanderson High School

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These lists of past conference and state championships won by Spartan teams are as accurate as possible. If you think any are missing, pleasecontact the athletic director.


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